MacBook Pro 16 2021 is completely shut off


Although a majority of people have praised the Apple M1 16 inch MacBook Pro (2021) for its port-filled design, larger ports, and its powerful “M1 Pro” and “Max CPUs, certain customers are experiencing issues charging. Many Reddit users have complained they have noticed that when the 16 inches MacBook Pro (2021) is completely shut off and it is not charging according to initial reports by AppleInsider. According to reports, the Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch suffers from an issue that causes some users to notice that their laptop isn’t charging properly when using the MagSafe connector. MagSafe connector in a specific scenario.


MacBook Pro MagSafe Charging Troubles:


As MacRumors stated the issue happening here, based on reports from affected users on Reddit The issue could be it appears that the MacBook Pro fails to charge even when turned off completely. Even after following Apple Support’s troubleshooting procedures, The issue recurs when it is determined that the 16 inch MacBook is turned off, according to Reddit users. Reddit user. According to the Trillionaire’s post in follow-up, Apple is aware of the issue and trying to find an answer. A simple solution is for the laptop to be charged while the display is in use but not sleeping mode however, given the price of the MacBook Pro and the fact that it’s a premium model, buyers shouldn’t have to face issues such as those.

MacBook Pro 16 2021 is completely shut off

It’s important to know the distinct scenario that the laptop has been turned off (with the lid shut) with it is connected to the MagSafe connection. MagSafe connection is in place and, when it is connected, it flashes only amber (complete with the sound of charging effect) and doesn’t fully charge your battery. But, if the charging device is connected when you turn on the MacBook Pro is turned on after which it is turned off it will continue to charge as normal.

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