Samsung Galaxy-A Series 2022 is Water Resistant



The various news we have heard up to today about the numerous devices being planned for next year are all extremely hopeful and exciting. A recent report on Samsung reports that Samsung Galaxy-A Series could be water-resistant.


In relation to this Galaxy A-series, we came to learn that the phones are equipped with Exynos chips, which will be powered by AMD mRNA. AMD MRDNA graphics processor. In addition, to add the most important thing about the Korean company has added the water-resistant option to the budget line-up.

Samsung Galaxy-A Series 2022

Galaxy A72 and A52, which were announced earlier in the year, are both water-resistant. In the next year, there is speculation that at the very least four Samsung Galaxy-A models will come with water resistance. Galaxy A33, which is scheduled to launch later this year, will also be one of the models that are water-resistant. Galaxy A33 will be a budget-friendly set, which means it will be the most affordable waterproof smartphone.

Samsung by introducing a water-resistant feature on their budget smartphones gives them an advantage over competitors such as Xiaomi.

There’s a possibility that the water-resistance feature of low-cost smartphones, there is an unintentional compromise to another characteristic, such as the fact that we heard of having no audio jack.

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