Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 will support both Bixby and the Google Assistant


Samsung will release the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic which have Google’s wrist-worn OS built-in. This is a great step forward for Samsung users because they can now use google services like maps, email, calendar alerts, and messages etcetera on their watches with ease.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch will be the first device on Google Wear OS to feature Bixby and Assistant.


The new Samsung watch is a unique blend of features from both Android rivals, with its own special customization for fitness apps like S Health that have been popular among users since their release in 2014.

The Tizen and Gear OS operating systems have different features, but they both allow you to access the voice assistant by double-pressing a button. The only issue is that it’s unclear which one will activate when each of these buttons is pressed at once – this can be resolved if Samsung implements an additional “voice activation” command for their watches so users don’t get confused as to what input device should work with Bixby or Google Assistant.

After some digging around in the APK for the latest Wear OS phone app, 9to5Google found a reference to “” which sounds quite vendor-neutral so this really may go beyond Bixby!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 has been leaked and it will be coming with some new features. One of the coolest updates is that this watch can now sense when you are running, biking, or playing golf so it knows to automatically change into an appropriate workout mode for your activity—no more fiddling in the settings menu! The price tag on this one could get a little pricey but I’m sure there’s no shortage of eager customers who want their hands on such cutting-edge technology

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