smartphone shipments are expected to resume growth in 2024

According to a survey released by Canalys today, the X platform is likely to contribute to a resurgence in worldwide smartphone shipments in 2024.

Global smartphone shipments in 2023 are predicted to be 1.13 billion, a fall of 5% compared with 2022.

Forecasts put the number of smartphones shipped around the world at 1.17 billion in 2024, up 4 percent from 2023.

According to research firm Canalys, smartphone prices have risen to over US$440 as buyers become more willing to shell out a sizable fee for a high-quality device.

smartphone shipments are expected to resume growth in 2024


By 2024, the mobile phone business will have grown substantially, especially in the emerging regions of Asia and Africa. India, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia are just a few of the target areas that will receive 33% of all newly developed smartphones in 2024. The public’s optimism has reached new heights. Shipments of smartphones are likely to level out once the economy as a whole strengthens and improves.

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With the exception of North America, all other major worldwide markets are expected to expand in 2024, according to research from Canalys. Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa are predicted to increase by 6% year-on-year in 2024, and Europe is expected to rise by 7% annually. Future mobile phone demand from consumers This growth pattern is expected to carry through to 2027 when a total of 125 million shipments will have been made.

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