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Fast Forward and Rewind on Tiktok

Rewind and Fast Forward Downloaded Tiktok Video


Despite the fact that TikTok videos aren’t extremely long, you may find yourself wanting to skip ahead a few seconds every now and then, especially given that they can run up to three minutes in length. It’s possible that you have a favourite sequence that you want to watch over and over and over. However, the app has recently included the ability to fast forward and rewind Tiktok videos…

Fast Forward and Rewind on Tiktok

The longest TikTok videos are only a few minutes long, but you have the option to fast forward or rewind them at any time. There is a progress indicator on TikTok that allows you to skip through videos, albeit it isn’t available for all of the videos.

Rewind and Fast Forward Downloaded Tiktok Video

Only longer videos are now supported, and it is not available to all users at the time of publication. However, if you are in a position to make use of it, it can be advantageous.

To move the little white dot along the video’s timeline, tap and hold the small white dot along the timeline line. Afterwards, the timecode will gain prominence above the progress bar.

When you’re ready to resume watching your video, let go of your hold on the remote.

Even though you can’t fast forward or reverse your downloaded video in the TikTok app, you can still skip about in a downloaded video as long as the video includes a download option.

1. Download the TikTok video by using the app’s share feature.

When the video has finished downloading, you can play it back and forward like any other video on your phone. To move forward or backwards in the Photos app on an iPhone, for example, you would grab the cursor in the bottom video bar and drag it forward or backwards.

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