Govt Mobile Phone Installment Scheme


Since his appointment, the Federal Caretaker Minister for IT and Telecom appears to have taken an active role in reshaping the country’s IT and telecom sectors. He launched several noteworthy projects, one of which was a smartphone for all.’ It means making cell phones available to every citizen in affordable installments. A reputable source informed us today that the majority of the work on the mobile phone installment program has been completed, and it may be launched in a couple of weeks or so.

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According to the source, the Ministry of IT and Telecom has enlisted the help of several stakeholders to provide mobile phones in installments. Telecom companies, smartphone makers, banks, and investment firms are among them. Minister Umar Saif met with stakeholders regularly to discuss the smooth running of the mobile installment program, as well as any other issues that stakeholders may be experiencing.

Govt Mobile Phone Installment Scheme

It is important to note that these players will sell mobile phones in installments under their terms and conditions. The initiative, however, will be governed by the Pakistani government.

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The Mobile Phone Installment Scheme is expected to have a favorable influence on the mobile manufacturing industry by encouraging increasing sales, which will result in improved production capacity. With more residents getting smartphones under the installment plan, demand for mobile devices is expected to increase, positively boosting industry growth and contributing to the country’s overall economic development.

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