Mobile Phones Taxes Calculator in Pakistan 2022

PTA Mobile Taxes (2022)


If you intend to “import” a phone or bring a mobile device into Pakistan, you will be required to pay taxes on the device, regardless of whether it is a feature phone or a smartphone/tablet.

As a result of the increased import tax on mobile phones in the new budget, taxes have been raised significantly. The vast majority of the calculator entries have been revised. If your smartphone isn’t on the list, or if you believe the tax amount mentioned is incorrect, please let us know in the comment box below, and we’ll send you the exact tax amount that you’ll be liable to pay as soon as possible.


PTA Mobile Taxes (2022)

After writing about importing mobile phones into Pakistan recently, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for international travellers bringing in mobile devices to Pakistan. Read on for more information.

Because you have arrived at this page in order to determine the approximate amount of mobile phone taxes that you would be required to pay at the airport or at the customs office, the table below should be of assistance.

Mobile Phones Taxes Calculator in Pakistan 2022

How does the table above calculate taxes?
These are the various taxes that you will be liable to pay for each and every cell phone that you purchase through Ali Express or any other eCommerce website online.

1. The Regulatory Obligation (Based on phone prices in USD)

If $1 to $30 = PKR 180
If $30 to $100 = PKR 1800
If $100 to $200 = PKR 2700
If $200 to $350 = PKR 3600
If $350 to $500 is equal to PKR 10500,
If $500+ = PKR 18500

Secondly, there is a sales tax (Based on phone prices in USD)


If $1 to $30 = PKR 150
If $30 to $100 = PKR 1470
If $100 to $200 = PKR 1870
If $200 to $350 = PKR 1930
If $350 to $500 = PKR 6000
If $500 or more equals PKR 10300,
3. WHT – Withholding Tax

If $1 to $30 is equal to PKR 70,
If $30 to $100 = PKR xx
If $100 to $200 = PKR 930
If $200 to $350 = PKR 970
If $350 to $500 is equal to PKR 3000,
If $500 plus equals PKR 5200,
4. IT Duty = 9 per cent

5. Mobile Levy (based on phone prices in PKR) (based on phone prices in PKR)


if cell phone value is PKR 10,000 to 40,000 = mobile levy will be PKR 1000

If the difference between PKR 40,000 and 80,000 is equal to PKR 3000

If Over PKR 80,000 = PKR 5000

6. Provincial Tax = 0.9 percent

You can calculate the exact tax amount you’ll be required to pay by adding the values listed above.

Want us to find the applicable tax on a smartphone that is missing in the calculator above?
Simply, comment below the name of the smartphone along with the model, we’ll let you know the tax that you’ll be liable to pay for that smartphone. We’ll also include it in the table of taxes that we’ve calculated above.

You can find the latest mobile phone prices in Pakistan on the 4gpackages Mobile Prices portal if you are looking for the most up-to-date information on mobile phone prices in Pakistan.

Hope you found out the excise duty for the mobile phone you plan to import. We are aware that these rates are high, and we believe that the government should take appropriate steps to reduce these taxes as soon as possible.

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