Facebook plans to revamp the design

Facebook plans to revamp the design in a bid to compete with TikTok

Meta has hindered competition by either acquiring the platform or offering similar services that customers like. This method has been successful thus far with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. Another social media network, on the other hand, has gained traction and is posing a serious danger to the corporation. Meta has already identified TikTok as a competition.

Facebook plans to revamp the design

The idea, according to the memo authored by Tom Alison, the head of the Facebook app at Meta, is to turn Facebook into a “Discovery Engine” that relies largely on recommendations, similar to TikTok’s “For You” feed. Users’ feeds would contain fewer postings from friends and family, and recommendations would mostly come from “unconnected” content, such as Reels. The plan would also bring Messenger’s inbox back into the Facebook app, in an effort to encourage users to share more material from the “Discovery Engine.”

Facebook will prioritise Reels, restore Messenger to the main app (after nearly eight years as a separate app), and recommend posts from any source rather than those from people users follow as part of the changes.

Facebook plans to revamp the design in a bid to compete with TikTok

Despite this, Alison’s memo underlines the importance of the new priorities for the company, which is frantically trying to catch up to TikTok.

Meta is working on AI-based recommendation systems that will bring in new (and possibly younger) users while keeping current ones interested. It is yet unclear whether or not this plan will be successful.

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