Google and Apple Store hits 14B in user ratings

Apps on Google and Apple Store hits 14B in user ratings


A large portion of the results in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and any other app marketplace are determined by the ratings that other app users have provided to the apps they have downloaded. As a result of this algorithmic approach, an application that has received a high rating will always appear at the top of the search results.

Google and Apple Store hit 14B in user ratings



Maintaining this can also assist in raising the number of responses received by new applications by increasing their chances of being accepted. It is estimated that the overall number of applications and the aggregate rating of gaming apps has surpassed fourteen billion, according to Appfigures.

Appfigures (AF) came upon this when exploring various application data sets for a project.

According to Affirmative Action’s data, around ten million of the fourteen million total downloads came from Google’s Android Store, with the second-highest amount coming from Apple’s iOS App Store (approximately one million).

Google Play receives an average rating of roughly 4.09 stars, whereas the average rating for Apple’s App Store is merely 1.8 stars, according to Ariel. Both of these concepts were kept separate from one another since they were distinct from one another. A large number of new applications that have gotten no ratings or reviews could be the source of the highest Google average ranking, according to some estimates.

A large part of this groundbreaking discovery was made possible as a result of the big giant’s Google and Apple coming out and sharing relevant information with the platform. Upon further analysis, Ariel determined that the rate of app ratings is increasing significantly as a result of the audience’s and app developers’ increased reliance on the information provided by the rating system, which he described as follows:

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