Huawei AI Cloud enhanced function experience

Smartphones’ camera quality has improved dramatically in recent years. Many individuals take photos when traveling, and it is enough to bring a cell phone with them. But I think everyone has experienced several frequent difficulties while capturing images with a mobile device:

In a family vacation photo, for instance, the characters make up a negligible fraction of the frame because of their relative isolation. At first impression, it’s impressive, but as you zoom in on the faces, you’ll notice that the features are hazy and imprecise.

Another illustration: while shooting portraits, we often require a 2x, 3x, or even higher zoom to get a pleasing arrangement. However, pixel cropping under high-power digital zoom will degrade the overall performance of the picture on many mobile phones. Incoherent, the “waste film” that was based on an otherwise promising compositional notion.

Huawei AI Cloud enhanced function experience


These problems, however, are no longer an issue. For those who don’t want their “waste photos” to go to waste, Huawei has introduced a new photo AI cloud-enhancing capability. After taking a photo, this feature can enhance and optimize it using AI technology for better results. The aforementioned difficulties with long-range digital zoom and close-up photography of small faces can be overcome by enhancing the image’s overall scene details.

The Huawei Mate X5, Mate 60 Pro, Mate 60 Pro Plus, and Mate 60 RS now include this capability. Let’s use the Huawei Mate X5, the company’s flagship folding-screen smartphone, as an illustration of how it works in practice today.

After the AI cloud enhancement function has been upgraded, it is activated automatically. The “AI cloud enhancement” toggle switch can be activated or off in the Photo App’s settings menu.

Turning on the camera with the AI cloud enhancement feature activated, we took a single shot in the standard photo mode of the rear camera with the XMAGE primary color scheme applied. The digital zoom in 2x/3x situations complements the 5x optical zoom on the Huawei Mate X5’s telephoto lens. We’re shooting at a 3x zoom level here.

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Here is a straight-out-of-camera 3x enlarged shot. You can see that the digital zoom has degraded the image quality, making the faces of the characters less distinct and giving the background a grainy appearance.

Then, to enhance the shot using the AI cloud, the editor selects the “magic wand” symbol in the top right corner of the photo interface. If you keep clicking the button during the processing, you’ll see updates in real-time. The AI cloud improvement can be delivered in a matter of seconds. The Results:

In addition to improving the fine texture, it also makes the character’s skin, shadow, and gloss look better. The complete person’s skin color seems more natural and the complexion is better. This effect can be thought of as being identical to that of pure optical zoom.


Additionally, the photographs’ post-production cropping capabilities have been substantially expanded as a result of the AI cloud’s enhancements to their details and textures. You can safely crop the image before uploading it to social media to provide the best possible response.


In addition to high-power zoom portrait shooting during the day, AI cloud augmentation can also surprise people by increasing the quality of night scene shots. You can see the Huawei Mate smearing effect in action in the scene below, which depicts children playing with magic wands near a river at night.

At the same time, there’s no denying that this is yet another benchmark instance of AI-enhancing smartphone photography. It takes a lot of stress and anxiety out of photographing. Simply power on the camera, compose your shot, and push the shutter button; the rest is handled automatically. Now, with the help of AI technology, even the most amateur filmmaker can create cinematic masterpieces. This may be the single most consequential benefit of Huawei’s AI cloud upgrade.


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