Samsung Exynos Chips will be Designed by Artificial Intelligence

Samsung has been using Exynos chipsets in its phones for years. To compete with other chipmakers, Samsung is planning to make the next generation of these more powerful and recently announced that their upcoming models will use Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using Synopsys function, they plan on designing a new processor which incorporates AI into its design process.

Synopsys is one of the world’s largest suppliers of chip design software (EDA). The chairman claimed that, a commercial AI software for processor design, was “the first virtual designer in history.” However, Samsung recently announced its plans to use reinforcement learning to automatically search and find the best solution with improved efficiency.

A chip starts off with the human engineer designing its logic. After that, it goes to a manufacturer who lays out and routes each transistor to determine where they are placed on the device’s circuit board and how they connect.

How does the modern chip design work?

The transistor increases by a factor of 1000 every decade. In order to make chips faster and cheaper, engineers need an instinctive understanding of how different designs will influence performance, power consumption, and area (PPA).

Reinforcement learning is an approach to training algorithms that’s similar to AlphaZero. In a new paper, DSO AI learns optimal decisions through machine-generated data in order to make more reliable design solutions and find them faster than ever before. has significantly improved design speed by 18% in some cases, reduced power consumption by 21%, and shortened engineering time from six months to one month with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is self-learning and becomes smarter as it works more often – this means that designs will work faster for future chip generations too.

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After the release of the new AI chipsets, Samsung’s phones are predicted to be more costly. The company may need to come up with a plan that will keep its affordable prices while still providing advanced technology for consumers who want it.

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