Superior Foundation for Research and Development Sponsors over 6 million

Superior Foundation for Research and Development Sponsors over 6 million PKR at the Research Recognition Awards 2022


Sponsors over 6 million PKR at the Research Recognition Awards 2022


The Superior University has a clear vision to become the best research-based university in the country. In line with this vision, Superior conducts the annual Research Recognition Awards to honour the leaders in the research field. This year, Superior organised Research Week 2022 from 4th to 9th March 2022 which was specifically designed to facilitate and promote research culture in the national academia by acknowledging the contributions of both established as well as budding researchers in Pakistan. The participation of leading international academics and researchers over the past week has been a testament to Superior’s growing stature as a research-intensive university and a torchbearer of meaningful applied research that will leave a lasting impact across the socio-economic spectrum. The final day of the event will feature the annual Research Recognition Awards, which will be a celebration and commemoration of disruptive ideas, applied research, and the real-world impact that Superior research, scholarship, and creative activities have had on the local and national levels.


Superior Foundation for Research and Development


Superior remained committed to its promise of becoming a research-oriented university throughout the year 2021. Despite the continued onslaught of the pandemic, the researchers at Superior University continued their work on new paradigms and research topics. The conducive research environment gives the Superior faculty and students an edge since Superior has numerous agreements with several global and national organizations and universities to promote collaborative research. This year, the Superior Foundation for Research & Development – SFRD – sponsored over Rs. 6 million – a three-fold increase from the yesteryear – in research awards for research scholars.

Addressing the awards ceremony, Chairman – The Superior Group, Prof. Dr Chaudhry Abdul Rehman said that the most important purpose of any higher education institution is to produce knowledge. Dr Abdul Rehman said that multidisciplinary applied research in the future and faculty deans, departmental heads, and program leaders should be open to extensive collaboration in regard. Dr Abdul Rehman announced that Superior will allocate Rs. 50 million to establish an innovation lab that will facilitate multidisciplinary applied research.

Rector, Superior University, Dr Sumaira Rehman delivered the keynote address as the chief guest. Dr Sumaira congratulated the incredible efforts of the Superior faculty and their extensive contribution to their fields of research. She said that the awards are a source of immense pride for the university as it reflects the institution’s sustained commitment to promoting credible and pertinent academic research.

The whopping increase in the annual grant is a testament to Rector Superior University, Dr. Sumaira Rehman’s unyielding commitment to reward research excellence and academic distinction. Dr. Suamira is committed to developing and promoting a culture of research in Pakistani academia. An important aspect of her vision for this all-encompassing research culture is an organization’s approach to research integrity – the formal and informal ethics, standards, protocols, and policies that the researchers need to follow in the academic world. Superior University’s annual Research Recognition Awards were designed to recognize meaningful research and promote research integrity and general academic ethos. The fruit of this labour is that the achievements of the Superior scholars are directly creating a socio-economic impact and supporting policymakers to make welfare-based decisions for the common good.

Following are some of the top achievers who were rewarded at the 2022 Research Recognition Awards:

Category 1

The Highest Number of Publications: University-wise

  • Outstanding Researcher Award – Dr Saeed Meo – 17 Publications
  • Best Researcher Award – Dr Waseem Iqbal – 10 Publications

Category 2 – Research Excellence Award

The Highest Number of Publications: Department-wise

  • Irfan ud Din
  • Qasim Ali Nisar
  • Gulnaz Zaheer
  • Ather Azeem Shams
  • Kanwal Ashiq
  • Farrukh Sarfaraz
  • Rehan Usman
  • Saif Ur Rehman
  • Muhammad Anwaar Alam
  • Qanitah Ama Tul Mughani

Category 3 – Highest Citations Award

  • Qasim Ali Nisar – 441 citations

These people are the pride and honour of the Superior University and the living embodiment of the research-based approach to academia at the university. This approach is helping the students grow as well as learn. The Research Recognition Awards 2022 have proven to be a motivational experience for the award winners and a source of inspiration for others to come up with innovative ideas for research. More importantly, the Superior Foundation has played a massive role in this year’s awards by providing the necessary funds to motivate the researchers.

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