Telecom Operators Warned Of Service Outages

PTA Warns Telecom Operators To Provide Uninterrupted Services


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a warning to the various telecom operators only lately. According to what they claimed, the licence conditions, laws and regulations require the operators to fulfil their obligation to offer subscribers with uninterrupted service.

Warnings Were Issued To Telecom Providers Regarding Service Interruptions
The Senate Standing Committee on Finance sent an invitation to the cellular mobile industry to attend their meeting on the 17th of June. They explained that the primary objective of this gathering was to solicit their feedback on several budget suggestions pertaining to the telecommunications sector.

Telecom Operators Warned Of Service Outages

“The licence conditions, rules, and regulations issued by PTA serve as the governing framework for the mobile operators. The operators are obligated to offer uninterrupted telecom services to the customers, and in the event that they fail to do so, the regulator is able to take necessary action in accordance with the relevant rules.

When a statement was made on Sunday by the PTA, the telecom regulator took notice of news concerning disruptions of services in far-flung places and issued a statement of its own. As a consequence of this, the telecom operators were threatened with disruptions in service if their demands for a reduction in taxes were not met.

PTA Warns Telecom Operators To Provide Uninterrupted Services

After a delay of eight years, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has finally issued the country’s first Long Distance International (LDI) licence. This event occurred a few days ago. As part of the ongoing process of deregulatory action in the telecommunications industry, the PTA First LDI licence was recently granted to Cyber Internet Services Pvt. Limited. The corporation paid a licence fee of $0.5 million and provided bank guarantees in the amount of $10 million in order to build an optical fibre cable that was 1,500 kilometres long.

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