what you need to know about the latest Google updates

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what you need to know about the latest Google updates

Google, the industry leader in search engines, was the driving force behind the I/O Developer Conference 2022, which took place on May 11 at Shoreline Amphitheatre. As was to be expected, the purpose of the conference was to provide an overview of the plans and upgrades that Google wants to implement this year. On the first day of the event, the well-known search engine provided the attendees with an overview of the new software features and updates that the users will see in the following few days, weeks, and months. Therefore, without further ado, let’s have a look at each and every one of them.



Google Maps just got better!


When you are travelling to a location that you have never been to before, or when you simply have a difficult time remembering routes, Google Maps is a useful tool to have. Right? Users of Google Maps will soon be able to see an accurate representation of certain cities’ environments, including the flow of traffic at different times of day and how the area actually appears, thanks to a new feature that is currently in the works at Google and set to roll out in the near future. That is very awesome to hear!


According to the industry leader in search engines, the purpose of the “immersive” version of Google Maps is to give users the impression that they are physically present at the location they are exploring. Users will first be able to see a real-world perspective of Los Angeles, London, New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo; however, Google has stated that it plans to add additional cities to the list in the near future.


The scope of Google Translate continues to broaden.


The number of languages that may be translated by the tool will increase to 133 in total with Google’s announcement that it will add support for 24 additional languages, most of which originate in Africa and India. This is a step in the direction of making Google more inclusive. The world’s largest search engine has indicated that support for the languages will be added to the instrument over the next few days.


The scale of monk skin tones


The introduction of the Monk Skin Tone Scale for artificial intelligence, which was developed by Harvard professor Ellis Monk, is another step towards diversity. The aforementioned skin tone scale is distinct from the more common Fitzpatrick scale in that it consists of a greater number of skin tones, specifically ten as opposed to the Fitzpatrick scale’s standard use of only six.


Google has also released the source code for the tool so that it can be used by other people free of charge and without any restrictions. Users will be able to make use of the Real Tone function by the time this month comes to a close. It will make it possible for users to apply filters to their Google Photos that are customised to their own skin tones. The users will also have the ability to conduct beauty-related image searches by selecting the skin tone that most closely matches their ideal appearance using the Monk Skin Tone Scale.


My Advertising Hub


My Ad Center is the most recent addition to the extensive list of precautions that Google has taken to protect the confidentiality of your information. The users will not only have the ability to select the services and products for which they would like to see more advertisements, but more importantly, they will also have the ability to say goodbye to all of those annoying advertisements that they were never interested in viewing in the first place. It is important to note that users will continue to be exposed to advertisements when using Google and its other platforms, such as YouTube; however, they will be given the ability to block advertisements that do not align with their individual preferences.


Making your data private


A new feature that will allow users to hide their personal information from Google search results will be released in a few months in an effort to keep your data private and your online presence completely hidden from prying eyes. This new feature will be released in a few months in an effort to roll out the new feature in a few months.


Virtual Cards


Google has developed a new feature known as ‘Virtual Cards’ with the intention of ensuring that customers are protected from identity theft both during the process of making online transactions using Android or Google Chrome and afterwards. The aforementioned card numbers will be generated with the help of the function, which will hide your actual credit card information from the retailers from whom you are making online transactions. At first, the film will not be made available to audiences outside of the United States.

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