Two WhatsApp Updates Promise Group Chat Safety


The world’s largest messaging platform, WhatsApp, has just released two new versions, both of which have gone through beta testing.



According to reports, the most recent versions will include two updates for WhatsApp. The changes will include sophisticated group administration features, including the ability for admins to authorize new participants and the display of a push name rather than a phone number in the group chat in the event that an unknown contact is present.


If we are talking about the feature that allows members to be approved, I should tell you that the messaging giant announced some time ago that the developers of WhatsApp were working on the most recent update that will help admins approve new members.


This was in reference to the member approval feature. They will be able to take care of membership by either accepting it or rejecting it, making this feature pretty convenient for them.

Two WhatsApp Updates Promise Group Chat Safety


According to sources from WAbetainfo, the update can already be downloaded by those who are participating in Apple’s iOS beta program as well as beta testers for Android.

The screenshot that has been provided below makes it very apparent that there will be an option to accept or reject new participants.

It is accessible through the group management selection menu option. When the functionality is made available, people who wish to participate in the discussion of a group will be required to go through a membership approval process before they can do so.


Administrators of the group will be required to navigate to the “Pending Participants” section, which is where all of the requests will be stored.

We have high hopes that the approval option will make it easier for WhatsApp users to join a subgroup; in the meanwhile, members will need to make their case by sending in requests. It is important to emphasize the fact that the function will prevent unwelcome individuals from joining the group so that it can fulfill its intended purpose.

For instance, it becomes challenging for the administrators of a group to handle all of the members at the same time if the group has a big number of members. On the other hand, the encouraging piece of information is that the administrators will have a better ability to govern the groups because they will be required to approve each new request before it can be processed.

Let’s move on to the next update now, shall we? It was announced way back in December 2022 that the developers had been working on displaying push names instead of numbers. Notable in this context is the fact that the update was previously only accessible to users of the beta version of the app on Android; but, starting today, users of the iOS beta version will also have access to it.

When consumers are faced with the challenge of communicating with unknown callers, this feature will come in very handy. The identity of the mystery contact can be deduced from any push name in an instant. The brand-new updates that are going to be launched in the near future have been made available for beta iOS users, and we are hoping that the number of beta users who are now testing the most recent version will increase the number of users who have it.

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