WhatsApp Introduces Early User Polling


WhatsApp is presently conducting trials for a novel functionality known as poll sharing. It is now one step closer to being officially released to the public. The current status of this feature is in the beta phase. A select cohort of users is currently conducting rigorous testing to identify and rectify any potential issues before a broader rollout.



The poll-sharing functionality enables users to generate and distribute polls within WhatsApp channels. In this context, a channel refers to a collective platform or area where individuals with similar interests can engage in communication. The beta version of WhatsApp for Android recently unveiled this new feature, which is now being introduced to the iOS version.

WhatsApp Introduces Early User Polling


The most recent release of WhatsApp beta for iOS (version includes a feature that allows users to publish polls in channels. This update is accessible to early adopters through the TestFlight app. Nevertheless, there is a prerequisite: you must be the proprietor of the channel to employ its functionality. Channel administrators can generate polls and distribute them around their channels.


The poll-sharing tool provides designers with the ability to select many alternatives for their polls, hence offering flexibility. For example, if a survey is intended to collect comments that require only a single response, developers can deactivate specific choices.

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An essential element of the polls is the preservation of voter anonymity. While channel members have access to the overall vote count, they are unaware of the individual choices made by each member. This guarantees confidentiality and fosters sincere engagement.


Currently, a restricted group of channel owners possess the ability to utilize the poll-sharing feature within their channels. During the beta testing phase, the feature is anticipated to progressively extend its availability to additional early adopters. Nevertheless, WhatsApp may require a significant amount of time before deciding to universally release it to all users.

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This new function is regarded as a useful enhancement to WhatsApp channels. It offers customers a method to actively involve their audience by conducting polls and efficiently collecting comments.

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