Android 13 brings slightly new rounded design Google Search lists


The update to Android 13 beta 2 is presently available, and the releases of beta 3 and beta 4 are scheduled for the months of June and July accordingly. Additionally, those two beta releases will be the first ones to offer stable platform functionality. For developers, this indicates that their apps should not be affected by any modifications made after those builds have been released.

If you are seeking a point of entry with reduced risk, one at which you might feel relatively comfortable installing the Android 13 beta on your compatible Android phone, you might want to wait until July for the Android 13 beta 4, which will be the nearly final release of Android 13. Waiting for the final version of Android 13 to be released is still your best bet if you do not want the battery capacity of your daily driver’s device to decrease or if you do not want to be unable to run some of the important features that you use every day. However, if you do not want to wait, your best bet is to update to the Android 13 beta.

Android 13 brings a slightly new rounded design Google Search lists


When discussing the Android 13 beta, accessing the Google app version 13.20 and touching on the Search field will bring up the typical list of previous searches as well as suggestions for autocomplete (which are displayed after the user types in a few letters of a term he or she wants to lookup). You will notice that there has been a little adjustment made to the appearance of the list, which now has rounded corners in the beta version for the ideas that are located at the very top of the list and at the very bottom of the list.

According to 9to5Google, the magnifying glass indicator that was previously located to the left of each previous search query and recommendation has been relocated inside of a circle. Additionally, there is no more space available to tap on the list.

When the capability comes back in a future edition of Android 13 beta, it is anticipated that the on-device Pixel Launcher search would also adopt this new appearance for the Google Search list. The second build of the Android 13 beta messed up the search bar on the top of the Pixel launcher, causing it to be restricted to searching only for apps rather than being able to perform a universal search across all of the content on the device, including apps, contacts, the internet, settings, and tips.

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