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Remove Malware and Clean a Hacked WordPress Site


Remove Malware and Clean a Hacked WordPress Site

Backup your site: Before making any changes to your site, it’s important to create a backup of all your files and database. Identify the source of the hack: Look for any suspicious files or code, and check your website’s access and error logs to determine how the hacker gained access to your site. Remove malware and malicious code: Use a malware scanner to detect and remove any malware from your site. Manually check your files and database for any malicious code and remove it. Change all login credentials: Make sure to change all login credentials for your site, including your WordPress admin password, hosting account password, and FTP login credentials. Update all software: Make sure to update all software on your site, including WordPress, themes, and plugins. Harden your security: Implement additional security measures to prevent future hacks, such as two-factor authentication, security plugins, and a web application firewall.

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