Kanwal Ahmed becomes first Pakistani Facebook Creator

Kanwal Ahmed featured by YouTube CEO

Kanwal Ahmed becomes first Pakistani Facebook Creator


Susan asked Kanwal Ahmed a few questions about her journey towards empowering women in Pakistan and creating a secure and open platform for them to share their feelings and receive encouragement from other women around the world. Kanwal responded positively. She began her quest when she became aware that news networks and television shows were broadcasting stuff that was intended to dehumanise women. She preferred to highlight the positive qualities of women in society, rather than the negative. She used the power of narrative and videography to lead society in the direction of the positive growth of girls rather than allowing them to be stifled as a result of the influence of media. Her efforts are mostly directed at bringing out the best in South Asian women, whose generations have been paralysed as a result of negative influences provided by the media on screens. She instead shared real-life inspirational stories of women who overcame adversity to achieve their dreams.

During her interviews, she also brought up delicate topics such as domestic abuse, child marriages, cyber harassment, emotional harassment, remarriage as a taboo, and child labour. Domestic abuse was the subject of her very first interview, which garnered a lot of interest from viewers and filled the comment sections of various media.. Her goal is to demonstrate to the public that these situations really occur in real life and that they are overlooked or deflected by society. She also wanted others who were suffering to realise that they were not alone. Numerous others are standing by their side, and they will be sharing their experiences with the world. “No narrative should be made to feel like it isn’t important enough to be heard,” she says.

Kanwal Ahmed featured by YouTube CEO


In the third season, she has updated the format by inviting visitors to the food table, which makes the format more appealing to South Asian people who enjoy eating in general.

Kanwal Ahmed has also asked YouTube CEO Susan to support such inspirational stories so that they may be seen and understood in every home, where women can see and realise that this is something that happens in the real world and that they must care. She also demanded that brand campaigns and programmes that help entrepreneur creators be made available to the public.

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